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A collection of necklaces for you, many different styles, gemstones from A-Z!  

All have beautiful gemstones and are made with 49-strand steel stringing cable, the finest materials and gemstone selection.  

Laurie is happy to fill you in on her understanding about traditional, metaphysical and other meanings and uses of gemstones through history and why she is working with the combination that you like.

If you like a piece but perhaps want it done shorter, longer, with different stones or, alternatively, if you have a special event or outfit that you want to match, send Laurie a message, email or call her and she will work with your concepts, colors or other ideas.  


The artist, Dr. Laurie Sherman, uses her long study of traditional uses of gemstones and her sense of color and fine crafting to create an array of necklaces and sets for your work, play and special occasions.  Laurie has studied the craft for many years from Australia, to England and France, Italy, Spain, Ecuador to Asia to Africa and across the US.