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Pair of 19.5" Ethopian Blue/Silver Jewish, Judaica Star Necklaces

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These are a pair of necklaces.  Please contact me directly if you want one or the other.  The price is for TWO (2) necklaces.  They are one of a kind, unique pieces and they are presented to you in beautiful pouches made in India by a transplanted Tibetan women's collective from Silk "Scraps" in such a beautiful way.  There will be a bag for each and they will be wrapped.  

Great Wedding gift!  Or for you and your BFF?   How will you wear and gift these necklaces.  

The Stars are 1.75" round, made by hand in Ethiopia by a Jewish woman there.  The blue is Lapis color enamel.  They are completely handcrafted.  Beautiful.

Necklace one (on the left in the double photo) features Lapis Lazuli mostly 6mm, a few are 8mm and there are some hand cut Sapphire Heishi beads at the neck, Mother of Pearl beads (6mm) and antique Sterling Silver beads.  The Sterling Silver clasp is a round box clasp with a Sapphire within it.  

Necklace two (on the right in the double photo) features 6 and 8mm blue with gold Lapis Lazuli beads and Lapis and Carnelian (blue and orange) mosaic stones, 8-10mm.  There is a variety of silver/Sterling beads of different kinds that set off the gemstones.  The clasp is a six-sided Sterling Silver box clasp with design.

They are designed as Unisex necklaces although the first one seems a bit more feminine and the second more masculine to me, whatever that means!

To me they speak eloquently of our heritage, our culture and of the Diaspora that has us in so many corners of our world.  

I have bracelets and earrings that go well with these.  Just ask!  

Light and Love to you,



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